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Purpose of research



The research that we carried out is based on the essential human value, such as increasing the knowledge about Africa and improving the understanding of other cultures. It provides information that is used to promote exchange with Africa and cooperate with development of Africa by dealing with politics, economy, society, history, and culture. Furthermore, we also aim to pursue academic value to humanities and social sciences by studying in-depth which includes various ethnic groups as well as literature, culture, arts, customs, folk tales and religion distributed throughout the continent of Africa


Research content




It is composed of research on the understanding of African culture and research on economic diplomacy.
Research on regional cultures It focuses on the unique culture of Africa and the cultural fusion and border culture of African peoples all over the world. Cultural studies on African peoples and tribes, folklore tales, legend and folklore studies, ethnic customs, customs, local beliefs, arts and food research.
Research on economic diplomacy It focuses on the collection and development of database for providing information for economic and diplomatic cooperation with Africa. We will approach DB construction for political, economic, social, geographical, and important figures as well as the historical study.