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Hello, and Welcome to Africa Research Center.

We aim to become a hub for domestic and foreign exchanges by establishing the academic foundation of African research.

Africa Research Center is based on the understanding of African culture and the research on economic diplomacy. In terms of cultural research, it focuses not only on the unique culture of Africa but also on the cultural convergence of Africa scattered around the world. The research on economic diplomacy is based on African current status and prospects of economic development.

Africa Research Center that has an edge on Francophone Africa has accumulated research capacity through holding conferences and seminars, and publishing translations. Based on this capability, we have been working on the project with the foundation research support of the Korea Research Foundation since 2015.

Continuously, we will serve as a comprehensive information center through exchange and cooperation between Korea and Africa. Furthermore, we will continue to make research on African regions, provide information support to national institutions and business, and fostering successive generations.